Thursday, October 11, 2007

Every time you close your eyes, LIES, LIES!!

I might have just won the consultant jackpot. Six weeks of full-time work all from the comfort of my own home? Fingers-crossed!

Some time back Melissa sent me a write-up she did for ACL. I never posted it. She didn't much like that. Now, it's a music post from Melissa, so it's looong. I'll break it up over a few days to ease the pain. :) Here goes.

It is mid-September and the Austin City Limits Music Festival is upon us again. I return this year from spending last September in Europe. It is a good year to return. I am not an Austin resident, but it still has a special place in my heart. When I first saw the Arcade Fire on the line-up, I knew I had to go. Taylor and Carrie Riche have decided to join me on this venture. Currently, I am working in the Recovery School District and knew a weekend pass would not work. I am unable to take Friday off of work. I decided to go to Austin for the weekend and attend on Saturday the 15th. It worked out perfectly because I was able to see the Arcade Fire, Damien Rice, the Cold War Kids, Andrew Bird, Paolo Nutini, and the last 15 minutes of Muse. Up until a week before the festival, the White Stripes would be closing the festival Saturday night with Muse on the same stage before them. Well, the White Stripes canceled their show three days before ACL and the promoters had to move some acts around. Unfortunately, Muse took their place and played at the exact time as Arcade Fire. DAMN! Well, I will lay out this review like most other bloggers I follow.

2:30 Paolo Nutini: Oh Paolo, that is all I can say. I have to admit, I have been looking forward to seeing him for a while now, almost as much as the Arcade Fire. He is so beautiful. Then I realized how old he was and I feel dirty. He is 20, yikes! Anyway, his album These Streets is fantastic. I highly recommend it to everyone. I think it is baby making music, but judge for yourself. He is from Scotland and pretty much inaudible when he speaks. The only words I recognized him say was, “it is so hot, I am dripping with sweat.” Taylor said he was a goofing looking guy and that he looks like Smeegel. Damn you Riche! Don’t talk about my Scottish boyfriend like that! He sang all the songs off his album I wanted to hear, Last Request, Rewind, and These Streets. He also played a few new songs and did a mean cover of Moby’s Natural Blues. As well as sing, he can play guitar. I loved his set and can’t wait to see him at Voodoo in New Orleans in October.

(More tomorrow)

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Avoiding Work

Melissa and I got a chance to watch some new shows last night. We started with Chuck. It was OK. I'm on the fence I suppose. I like a larger season plot to stuff for that kinda of show, like an Alias or a Buffy, and I'm not sure this one will have that. Plus the nerd humor only goes so far, especially when sometimes I feel like they are trying to portray me and doing a horrible job of it. I'll likely try out a few more episodes and see what I think. The other one we watched was Journeyman. I was signed on for this one partly due to the guy from Rome being in it and partly due to it sounding like Quantum Leap. Based on the first episode it looks like a show I will like, but we'll see where it goes. For me it's a question of how much of the show is just about the "monster of the week" part and how much of it is about figuring out why the hell he is "leaping." The right balance there would make this show golden.

Switching gears, ever notice how once you make a decision, all sorts of things start to happen to validate that decision? That's happening with me and my job stuff. Wish me luck.

Monday, October 08, 2007

A Different Football Ranking

I was thinking about this the other day so thought I would post. If you had to rank college football teams based on who you would cheer for, what would it look like? Here is what I have for me so far.

1. Auburn
2. Texas
3. LSU

1. USC
2. Bama
3. Oklahoma
4. Florida

So if Auburn plays LSU, I cheer for Auburn. If Bama plays USC, I cheer for Bama. Yeah I currently dislike USC that much. Obviously this can change based on how I feel that year and there would also be exceptions for certain situations. (I'll likely be cheering for LSU over Auburn this year because it would be really cool to have LSU win out and I believe that's better for the SEC.)

What does your list look like?

Saturday, October 06, 2007

How long has it been since the Civic moved?

Too Long.