Friday, January 26, 2007

A Fifth of Everything

Had Cane's for the first time since moving back. I would have though I would eat it more, but being at your house, as opposed to visiting someone else's, always lends itself to less fast food. Anyway, it was tasty. And it was free! Chris paid for lunch since I was helping him brush up his resume. It's always interesting walking that fine line when writing for a resume. You can't lie. But you want to talk about what you did in the best possible way. Kind of annoying but also kinda fun to do in a weird way.

Attended a Janus skit meeting last night. Which turns out is basically three hours of booze and one hour of talking about the skits and going through costumes. The good thing is I think we have a much better handle on the costumes. The bad thing is, there is a lot left to do. I really hope what we have planned works out. You never can tell what'll happen when we all actually get out there. I guess that's what makes it interesting.

Played a little WoW last night but not too much since I got home late. Didn't take any screenshots but did get to do the bombing run quest which is pretty awesome. I like how they tried to make some of the quests a little more interesting than go kill x of something or go find x of something. Go Blizzard!

Most interesting sign seen lately: (in a coffee shop) Unattended children will be given an espresso and a puppy.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Two Bits

Melissa and I went to lunch with Tony and Amee at Brooklyn Pizza. It's good cheap New York style pizza. Little too thin crust and greasy for me though. Nice option nonetheless. Walked around the corner from the house and got my hair cut. It was very much needed and the lady there did a good job. Another place to walk to. Good deal.

Last night was an online man night, though really it was just Jerry and I. Things got going closer to nine, and Taylor did sign on so we all got to talk. Sadly Richard was in transit from Chicago and couldn't make it. It's nice to be able to keep in touch and I hope playing WoW and voice chat helps that.

I did a little questing in WoW before Jerry signed on. Nothing special, more cleaning up the quest log than anything else. Spent a little time with Yuggoth and Necrolord and that's always nice. Here's a pic from the end of a quest chain that has an army of ghosts giving you their thanks.

Once Jerry got on our goal was to get Dorpse up one level. Sadly it went a little slower than expect, but we did get him closer and I was able to have a little fun wreaking havoc on the much much lower level mobs.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Maybe it's in the ceiling

It was a pretty slow day yesterday. Not much going on work wise just reading up on a few things for going back to San Antonio next week. Finished installing the new locks in the apartment. The old ones took a good bit of jiggling to work and that was no good when you were in a rush. The new ones work just fine and that means we can start using our front door. Yeah! Now we just need to finish unpacking. Booo!

Melissa cooked a Rachel Ray dish for dinner. The main dish was a chicken and pasta thing that was pretty tasty, but the side dish was radishes. We didn't know if we liked radishes. Now we know. We don't. Lesson learned.

We watched Earl, Office and Rome. Earl for me isn't as good as it used to be. I don't know if the basic structure has gotten old or if it's a little too sappy now or what. It just feels off. The Office continues to amuse. Rome is good as always. I wish they could make it last longer but I understand it's pricey to make. Watching Augustus rise to power is awesome.

WoW last night went well. Quested a bit on my own, then met up with Necrolord and Dianesis to quest together. The game is always more fun when playing in a group. Then we got dragged into a fight with some Alliance who were attacking Bizzara and Croakt. That skirmish last a good hour, then the five of us went of and quested a bit more tackling some of the group oriented quests. All in all a good night and leveled up so I am now 62. Yeah!

Here are a few pics from last night. They really have done a good job of giving Outland an otherworldly feel.