Tuesday, November 30, 2004


My Thanksgiving is best described with pictures. And I put captions this time.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

just got interesting

So I had a crappy day at work today. Now it doesn't help that I really don't like what I am doing and that I don't see that improving, but even after that today sucked. First, I walk in the door and get told that everyone was looking for me yesterday to help release some CD image. I guess telling my boss I was taking a day off wasn't the right thing to do. I suppose I should have sent a blanket e-mail to the whole company. And seriously, it couldn't wait one day? Really? Second, the diagnostic test I have been working on for over a month, the one I finally finished and checked in Tuesday, stopped working. Yup. Took me all day to reproduce it in Austin and it turns out the BIOS memory guy changed the timing settings and didn't tell me. Sure, no problem. Memory timings won't affect one of the memory diagnostics. Don't mind me. And finally, I have a meeting tomorrow at 7:30. And it's not even a good meeting. It's a here's how this process works at IBM meeting over the phone. Joy.

Boy I hope no one from work stumbles across this page.

In other news, Jerry has a blog. Go leave him a comment of encouragement. He's afraid that now that he has started one, the rest of us will stop. You might call him paranoid, but his thoughts do have precedent.

Shatner has a new CD out. I heard a track on the radio the other day. I got nothing.

A company is taking orders for genetically engineered cats that people won't be allergic to. Oh, and you can get you cat cloned for the low low price of 50,000.

So I'm reading this article on CNN and I come across this quote. " 'As you get older, you tend to forget what young people like to do,' he said, explaining that his weekends are spent hanging out with 18-year-olds." Ummm what? Since that article is about designing video games, I guess the quote isn't that weird. But still. How old is this person? And when you say hanging out ...?

And for one last CNN link here's an article about a new speculative book on Shakespeare's life. Sounds interesting.

I get a daily CNN news email, hence being CNN link happy.

Quick BTE review. I still love their concerts. It's so nice being up close and going with other people who care. The lead singer is still a big dork, which is part of the charm. While there I bumped into a guy who went to Franklin. If you've been to a BTE concert outside of SE LA you understand something like that isn't that odd. I'll let Melissa write a comment with a better review.

Here's an interesting perspective on Austin's toll roads from an Austin libertarian website. I need to read more on the topic to have an informed view.

Today's Quote of the Post: "The first step to getting the things you want out of life is this: Decide what you want." -- Ben Stein

I know this was on Penny Arcade but I just love this T-shirt. Who hasn't done that to an old Nintendo game? Just the other day, at Jerry's, Mike Tyson's Punch-Out got turned on accidentally. Anyone remember the code to get to the end?

Finally got around to watching Jack and Bobby. I have now watched the first two episodes and sadly, I think I like it. I know, like I need any more TV to watch. It's just it's about a dork kid in high school who grows up to be president. I mean the first part of the that is me, and the second part, well, after a good West Wing episode I think I want to work in the White House, so that's kinda me too. Richard, think about it like this. Mary once told me writers sometimes need to read the end of the book first so you can pay attention to how the book gets to the end. I see this show like that. And it's an end that part of me once to get to. Does that make sense? Here's a pretty good review of the show I found.

Took a trip to San Antonio with the in-laws and had a Halloween party at the house. Pictures are up on Imagestation. SA was more interesting than I would have thought. After going to the Alamo I am reminded why Texans are Republican. I mean many people, right or wrong, still equate Democrats with the federal government getting in the way. Hence the connection. The Riverwalk was just what I was expecting. I've heard it talked up so much, I was half expecting mermaids to jump out of the river and hand me gold coins. The Missions were nice to see. My sister recommended them and it was well worth a trip off the beaten path.

Regarding the Halloween party, what can I say? I liked our costumes, even though no one other than us got it. Jerry's costume from the night before was a riot. The Omen is a damn scary movie and a nice addition to our Catholic Horror Collection.

And in closing, WAR EAGLE!