Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Friday night we went to dinner at Nirvana with Wayne and then spent some time at the Wild's in Lakeview with some of their friends. I believe we went through about six bottles of wine, but it could have been more. I lost count. All in all something I could do all the time. Saturday afternoon we went to a wedding shower for Melissa's cousin Greg. Though it was a good bit warm out, everyone seemed to have a good time, even though it was in Mandeville. It is interesting though how much the part of Mandeville that is close to the lake reminds me of Waveland. I didn't expect that.

Last year, the Barattini's spent two days downtown as a sort of small vacation, and Melissa and I joined them for many activities. We had such a good time, that we decided to do it again this year. Tony found some deal on rooms at the Loews so we even had a swank hotel to stay in. We started out the experience in the pool and hot tub, which was a great way to recover from the heat. After, we met downstairs for cocktails, which some nice live cocktail music in the background. For dinner, we went to Fire of Brazil, meat on a stick how can you go wrong right? It was everything we could have hoped for, and more. I highly recommend it. We ended the evening going to a few bars in the quarter, I think just Erin Rose and Molly's though things got a little fuzzy by the end.

Sunday we had brunch in the hotel, which had French toast so I was thrilled, and then walked through the Riverwalk. I think the last time I went through the Riverwalk I was in high school. Odd. We walked around a bit looking for coffee, forgetting that most of the places in that part of town don't stay open long on non-work days. The only one we could find open was in the casino, so I wound up with a huge mint chocolate chip frappaccino while we dropped a few dollars in the machines. With our caffeine fix met, we headed to Greek Fest. The church tour was interesting, the dancing was hilarious as usual, and the food was outstanding. Now if they can just make some more shade. To finish off the evening, we watched Knocked Up back at our place. Good times.

Monday, we went to see Indiana Jones with Chris and Bridget. It's good, though to me it requires a little more suspension of disbelief than previous ones. It might just be that I'm older now. Still, very good for a summer action movie.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Friendly Competition

In the last six months, Jerry has made more blog posts than me. I can't let that happen. :)

Melissa and I spent the weekend in Houston. It's amazing how quickly I've gotten used to not driving that route. One the on hand, everything was very familiar and comfortable. On the other hand, I was ready to be there after about two hours. I can't believe we used to do that 500 mile drive to Austin as often as we did.

Want to know something else amazing? Lizzi is five years old now. Crazy. That's why we were in Houston, for her birthday. She's growing up so fast and I can't say that I like it. It truly does seems like just a year ago I was bottle feeding her and putting her down for a nap. That kinda of stuff just makes a person feel old.

The new pool is nice. The weather Saturday wasn't great for it, and once the sun went down it was too cold to be outside in my opinion, but it still made a good setting for the birthday party. Sunday however the weather was perfect and we delayed our travel plans to make the most of it. There's just something so peaceful about sitting near water, with a beer in hand, falling asleep to some Jimmy Buffett in the background. Side Note: Bud Light Lime is surprisingly drinkable.