Friday, April 30, 2004

I'm all right. Nobody worry about me.

"IBM is combining anthropology, game theory and behavioral economics with technologies from its labs to see if it can make corporate processes run smoother." Neat.

Saturday, April 17, 2004

my flying elbow

Melissa and I walked the 10k Texas Round-Up today. I never thought I would walk for two hours straight on purpose. To make up for it I ate junk food and pizza, and then I did nothing for the rest of the day.

Taylor and I went to the driving range on Wednesday and he pointed out a few things in my swing he thought were odd. Well just one main thing really, my right elbow. It seems I was doing all the wrong things with my arms and as a result not turning my body enough. Taylor's father made the comment to Taylor, "I'm surprised he can hit the ball." So after some fun on the range trying out the new new swing, I came home and researched a little on the Internet. I know, big surprise. I found some excellent links, most from the same website, on topics such as flying elbow, full turn in backswing, and a lot about wrists. Also, I setup my golf swing in front of a mirror and found out I was holding my arms too far away from my body, which was because I wasn't bending over enough, and even when I did bend over my back wasn't straight. I have now been practicing in front of the mirror almost every night. So now the trouble is I have to get to some sort of a playable swing before golf with my father on Saturday. It could be an interesting round.

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

only when chased

If I were to start exercising it would probably look something like this introduction to walking program, or maybe this get off the couch program, or maybe, if I was going to be in Waveland a lot, this get ready for the beach program.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

boasting in the cross

Anyone who has driven on I-10 between Baton Rouge and New Orleans might enjoy this article. Here's the line that should get your attention:
Isn't it enough that, rising from the swamp like airplane-impaling stakes and dominating the Baton Rouge skyline, are three white crosses taller than McDonald's arches?

Monday, April 12, 2004


This past weekend Melissa and I took our annual Easter trip to New Orleans. The schedule was the same as years past, Friday night and Saturday breakfast with the LeSaicherres, the rest of Saturday and Sunday morning in Waveland with the Dickey clan, the Mouras gathering Sunday afternoon, then back to the LeSaicherre's house Sunday night. It sounds hectic, and I guess it is to a degree, but we have it down to a science now. Take a look at the pictures. Melissa's parents have adopted an as yet unnamed kitten that fell from the ceiling at Joan's office. No lie. It's so crazy seeing a cat that small. Saturday Melissa spent her Waveland time on the beach and I spent mine with my father and my uncle watching the Masters. While I missed my HD television, nothing beats watching golf with my dad. My pick for the tournament, Chad Campbell, didn't make the cut, so I started to follow the Korean former power lifter Choi. I just liked the fact that one day his coach said, "Maybe you should try golf." That had to be funny. On Sunday with all the Easter events I only watched about an hour, but oh what an hour. I got to see almost all of Mickelson's back nine and even gathered a crowd of non-golf watchers for Phil's final putt. That's one golf memory I won't soon forget. Later that day I enjoyed what is fast becoming a new holiday tradition ... driving a BMW M3. Melissa's cousin bought one a few months back and he let me take it out at Christmas. This time it was her uncle that bought one and he let me take it for a spin on West Esplanade. Sweet. They are slowly brainwashing me into thinking that is the next car I should buy, not that I need a whole lot of convincing. Now I just have to convince Melissa. Anyway, I am sure I left out some great moments, but that was pretty much my Easter weekend.

Sunday, April 04, 2004

Don't do that. You're the king ... and you're funny.

I am officially on ImageStation now. Yes you have to register to see the pictures, but since they are giving me completely free storage space, it's not that much to ask really. Everyone I know who has registered has been ok so no need to worry.

We finally made it to Shoal Creek Saloon for shrimp po-boys. Not the best I have had but pretty darn good considering. Beggars can't be choosers. I also had a King of Beers in honor of my brother-in-law's new job. Go Chris!

Played golf with the boys at Lions on Saturday. The forecast earlier in the week had said it was going to be a horrible day. They missed it by a few days and Saturday ended up gourgeous, if a little hot. We had some fun on the course with the digital camera, especially the video. The "Aamir foot" video alone was worth bringing the camera for. I didn't play overly well, 63+54=117, having a horrible front nine. I ended the round well though going bogey, double, bogey, double on the last four holes. Jerry in contrast had a break out day. He was playing with new-to-him clubs that he obtained from Taylor's moving day. Playing more often and using more modern clubs definitely agrees with Jerry. He shot a 113, his best round of golf ever.

Saturday night after looking at video of the four of us swinging a golf club, I wondered if even one of us was swinging correctly. A quick google search turned up this page. It looks like some good information for those looking to improve their golf game. I guess I should go out to the range a few times before the next round. Any takers?

Today, Melissa and I headed downtown to attend the Austin Home & Interior Design Show. After parking at Buford Tower, thanks again Aamir, we walked over to the convention center. The show really wasn't all that. I mean sure there was some nice stuff there and we did get a few ideas for things to do with the house, but most of the exhibits were either infomercial booths or just out of our league. We had a good time regardless. After the show, we headed on down to the Town Lake Hike and Bike Trail and walked for an hour. I had never actually walked on the trail before and it really is nice. Its hard to think of a nicer place to spend time walking. Sometimes Austin really impresses me. Walking today was one of those times.

Thursday, April 01, 2004

Oma. Rosa.

She's baaaack!