Wednesday, March 07, 2012


And it's been four weeks since I've posted. Shocker. Habits, they are hard to break.

I'd like to be able to blame it on working at home. Certainly that hasn't helped. The ability to essentially get up whenever I want and just get my stuff done lends itself to not keeping a set schedule. It's a horrible way to be productive though. When I'm able to follow some sort of schedule for a few days it's amazing how much more I'm able to get done, both with work and stuff around the house, even hobbies. Hopefully I can string together enough days on a schedule to make that the new habit.

Of course anyone who knows me can tell you it's not just a working at home thing, although I'm sure it's an enabler. My schedule has always drifted, staying up later, getting up later. I had to set a 3AM bed time in college at one point in order to actually make it to class on Mondays. (You can stop laughing now Doss.) But even beyond schedules my ability to do nothing for hours is pretty legendary. Browsing the Internet for a few hours, especially when I'm avoiding doing "chores" is a special talent of mine. I'll cycle through facebook/twitter/email for an hour to delay ten minutes of washing dishes. It's sad really. Hopefully typing that out can help me change it.

TV Update: Dropped "Hart of Dixie" mostly to make room on the DVR. Something had to go. "Downton Abbey" Season Two was awesome! I think I'm just a sucker for British costume dramas. Still loving Fringe and to a lesser degree Once Upon a Time. The DVR is nearly clear so we may jump back into Mad Men or possibly watch a few Netflix movies.

Still reading Dawn to Decadence. Mardi Gras slowed down the reading quite a bit.

One of my reasons for restarting this blog was to get some practice explaining my viewpoints. Saying "I thought that article was interesting" and "It's such a good TV show" just doesn't cut it. I need to be able to say why. Next week, I'm going to pick something and attempt to explain my view of it. Stay tuned.


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