Thursday, December 23, 2004

Weekend Update

Seriously it's not that hard. Just post. Arg.

Friday night Melissa and I were dying to finally see the lights at Zilker Park since we have been in Austin for a while now and still haven't seen them. We got a few people together, Melister, Andy, and Jerry, and made that happen. First we needed some food and I figured if we ate somewhere nearby, we could walk to Zilker and that would make parking easier. Morally gray? Probably. Oh well. So we hit up Romeo's for some "American Italian" as the review on the wall said. Good stuff. The walk to Zilker was pretty quick, and I think Jerry was very much amazed by the trailer park we walked by. But I shouldn't make too much fun as it was cold and he let me use his gloves. Thank you Jerry. The lights were good, though no Celebration in the Oaks. The Zilker tree was pretty neat tough. I didn't spin much on account of the hurling that would likely follow, but I got one or two good twirls in. Check out the pictures at my new photo location. Oh, and after we drove down 37th. Not bad but really all it made me think of was Christmas in Chalmette. All that was missing was a very large over the top nativity scene.

After some yard work on Saturday, I hate leaves, I headed over to Jerry's for some much needed Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. I love that game. Just so we're clear. Funniest moment yet is still Jerry driving the car carrier being chased by the police and listening to "Mama don't let you babies grow up to be cowboys." Maybe you had to be there. Highlight from the Sat/Sun session? Finally finishing the first mountain bike race? Maybe. Falling off the edge three times in a row during the mountain bike race? Sadly that's the one.

Saturday night Melissa and I had our first night out in a while and she picked Clay Pit as her destination of choice. I was kinda skeptical as my experiences with Indian food have not been great lately. No worries, this place was great. Wine, good. Appetizers, good. Entrees, good. Leaving doggies bag in car over night, bad. Oops. Anyway, watched Love Actually on HBO after dinner, which was a nice end to the evening. I liked it more than I thought I would and greatly enjoyed how they portrayed different kinds of love.

Sunday for the most part was a TV marathon. We watched West Wing, Desperate Housewives and whole lot of Lost. It was phase one of Melissa's pajama day. Lost is an excellent show. If you aren't watching and want to, try to catch some reruns and just jump in. It'll be worth it.

I referenced my Yahoo pictures account above but I wanted to give people more reasons to go check it out. Here are some highlights: UT vs LSU at Melissa's graduation, Taylor doing the butt on my roof, and Lords a Leaping. Intrigued?