Friday, November 28, 2003

Devil's Advocate

The BCS is by no means perfect, but it is better than what we used to have. Here is another quote from an article by Sports Illustrated writer Stewart Mandel.

Give the BCS credit for one thing, though: If this scenario had happened 15 years ago, Oklahoma would be playing in the Orange Bowl, LSU in the Sugar and USC in the Rose.

Sunday, November 23, 2003


A lot can happen in a month.

Went down to Sixth Street for Halloween and now I finally have an experience where the word surreal can actually be used. The things that popped in my head during the experience were Mardi Gras and Bourbon Street. The only thing was we, the people walking down 6th, were the parade. It was unsettling to be looked at so intently by that many people. I don’t even know how many of those people knew who the White Stripes were much less knew that’s what we were going for. Of course, there is an open container law downtown, and to me that took something away from the event. I miss my town.

Movies. We went to a newly renovated theater that shows more artsy stuff to see Lost in Translation. Going to see a movie you have been told by everyone is good makes for an interesting movie watching experience. Part of my is just trying to watch the movie while the other part is either trying to find things to prove it’s not a good movie, or justify what I have been told. In this instance I really liked the subject matter so I was into the movie from the beginning, though I am glad I knew kinda what was going on, otherwise I might have gotten a little bored in the beginning. When you watch people taking an honest look at their lives and trying to figure out what’s up, you can’t help but look at your own, but that doesn’t mean you are better prepared for what you find.

Also saw School of Rock. I sometimes find the comedy of Jack Black to be painful to watch but this movie worked for me. It walked the perfect line of heart-warming film and making fun of heart-warming film. When I left the movie I was wondering if my children would one day go to a School of Rock and that’s when I knew the movie succeeded. Of course I also took in Matrix Revolutions. It was a good bookend for the trilogy and mostly I was just glad it didn’t do the whole Matrix within the Matrix thing. It’s a set of movies that makes me want to watch all three in a row and then have a half day discussion on the philosophy in the movie. For some that would be hell, for me, that’s pretty much the definition of heaven.

Football. It seems as if most of my weekends are spent watching football … and there’s nothing wrong with that. Texas gave us an enjoyable game for the final home game of the year, though I did think Melissa was going to have a heart attack. I hadn’t paid attention and didn’t realize Tech had such a good offense, so I was a good bit surprised. The other two college teams I follow had a good day yesterday, both LSU and Auburn won. I was hoping Eli would keep it close, sorry Taylor, and felt bad on his fall down play, but I was rooting for LSU. I mean how could I not in a room full of LSU fans? And Auburn broke the Iron Bowl streak by winning two in a row. WAR EAGLE!

The NFL has kept my attention this year mostly due to the fantasy football league I am in. Props to my cousin Chad for getting me involved this year. I actually usually watch at least one NFL game Sunday afternoon, try to catch Primetime, and keep the Sunday night and Monday night games on in the background. It’s quite a change from my college years when I couldn’t tell you anything about the NFL, though it is much more like my childhood. The only thing missing is throwing a cloth football over my mother’s head to the waiting arms of my father in his recliner. My fantasy team, the Slayers, had a pretty good start to the season but has been slumping of late. This is in no small part to my arch-rival, the Templars, which lead me to my next topic.

Television. Carnivale has been moving at a snail’s pace which a makes me think the possible sangreal connection to Robert Jordan isn’t the only thing these two have in common. It has been picking up lately and something may actually happen before the season is over. Despite the speed I really do enjoy finding out about Ben and Justin every week, the Templar connection of Ben’s intrigues me, but I think a little too much time has been spent on the supporting carni cast. Alias has been keeping the drama coming ever since the bomb dropped at the end of last season. I was very worried where they were going to take the whole “I lost two years” thing, but so far I am impressed. The Sloane plot alone would keep me coming back week after week. Raymond has continued to be funny and isn’t that the best thing you can say about a comedy?

Gilmore Girls continues to delight, though there have been a few missteps this season. I am continually amazed by the writing on the show, I just wish there was more for the cast of characters to do. The whole going to college thing has really thrown the show for a loop but I think it may be getting its bearings finally. I really miss Lane’s boyfriend, but I recently realized he’s just as good on the O.C. and have snuck in a few viewings. It may become my new guilty pleasure. Smallville has been the same as always, which isn’t a good thing really. I find the Luthor’s more interesting than the Kent’s and often find myself caring about the Lex plotlines more than I think the writers intended. My advices, less Lana, keep Chloe conflicted, give the Kent’s more interesting moral dilemmas, and keep the Luthor family drama going strong.

Ed unfortunately might be the show I would drop if I were forced to drop one, though if Smallville doesn’t gets its act together, it would be a close call. I don’t know what happened but the show just doesn’t hold my attention anymore. The whole Ed-Carol thing is fine by me, so its not that, and honestly I wish I could explain it better. I’ll work on that. The West Wing for me has suffered since Sorkin left. Watching the old reruns from time to time on Bravo doesn’t help any either. I watch the show because I like thinking about issues the government faces and hearing what intelligent people have to say about it. All the relationship of the characters and whatnot to me is just background. Its really good background and needed background, but without the issues being discussed its just a soap set in the White House. Lately, the issues get talked about in like two minutes. Bring the issues back!

Angel has been reinvented more times that any show I have ever watched. The only character who was on in the beginning is Angel himself, and I mean they can’t get rid of the title character so that’s almost cheating. I didn’t like the head of the law firm idea when last season ended but I am starting to warm up to as the season goes on. They have made it one giant moral dilemma which works for me. I do need some more over arching plot lines though so we’ll see what happens. Friends is getting better but suffers the same rerun fate as above. It just makes you realize there was simpler time when Ross wasn’t always used for comic relief, Rachel wasn’t quite as stupid, and the writers weren’t dumb enough to do something like put Rachel and Joey together. However, the show still makes me laugh which is a good thing. See above note about comedies.

Work. Oh God when will this project end. Just when you think you have sealed the lid on something it just pops back off, like a Tupperware container lid that just won’t … stay … shut. Hopefully we can fix this last problem, and it will stay the last problem. Of course since I have no idea what I am doing after this project, life could get interesting real soon. I mean what does it mean when one of your co-workers says, “I wouldn’t make a career out of doing what we do right now.” I haven’t figured it out, but it doesn’t sound good. In the meantime I have taken to examining my career goals and by association my life’s goals. See Lost in Translation above.

Friends. Doss is getting married.