Friday, May 26, 2006

make do-do

I have spent a while trying to find a good person in Austin to cut my hair. I started at my wife's salon and found a person I liked. Then she left. So I found a new person at the same salon, but due to some salon politics, she became a freelancer and bounced around from salon to salon. All she ever talked about after that was how crappy that salon was. After that I gave up and went back to SportClips and now I pay for the shampoo scalp massage thingy and so far its been good. Which leads me to today.

Since I don't have a stylist at SportClips, I just get the first available person who happens to be a lady named Elham. We get to talking and she mentions she's from Iran. "Good people, bad government," she says, which really is like the best quote ever. We talk some more about travel and Europe and Austin and wills and godparents and then get to the topic of speaking more than one language. I mention to her that a guy I work with, who is Vietnamese, isn't teaching his kids to speak the language. She says that's horrible. I agree. She says her kids speak three languages: English, Farsi, and Spanish. I tell her about how my grandparents were punished in school for speaking Cajun French and so didn't teach it to their children and now, in our family, the language will die with them. She says that's horrible as well.

I want my children to speak another language. I'd really love for them to speak Cajun French due to the family ties, but I'm thinking Spanish might be more practical. Maybe I can shoot the moon and go for both. Who's with me?

Monday, May 22, 2006

Picture Pages

I realized I hadn't updated my Yahoo pictures in a while so I went ahead and uploaded a bunch.

Lizette Wedding

Easter - It's just one picture so no need for a link.

Janus Golf Tournament

Jazz Fest

Lizzie Birthday

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Last night, Melissa and I watched Lost, the one from last week. Melissa had mentioned we should be on the lookout for a commercial done by the Lost people. I think I was expecting something funny but what we saw instead was a semi-serious ad for the Hanso Foundation with a phone number, 1-877-HANSORG, and a web address, Turns out it's a game, much like the one I played for AI called The Beast. Some people are calling it the Lost Experience or the Lost Internet Experience. Call the number or check out the web address if you are interested. You also might want to check out the Hanso Foundation homepage.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Katrina Timeline

The Times-Picayune has a few excellent flash animations detailing the timeline of all the breaks in the levees. It's the most in depth analysis I've seen and it's done in a very accessible way. Flash is required and make sure to maximize the windows for best effect.

Interactive Katrina Analysis
Continuous Animation of Katrina Analysis
Katrina Floodwater Depths

Friday, May 12, 2006

Smog, Hope, and Squee

I've never been a fan of air purifiers. It always seemed to me that having a good filter on you HVAC and just running the fan would do just as good of a job. And Consumer Reports backed me up. Sharper Image didn't help my impression when they sued Consumer Reports for printing a bad review. And now it seems some air purifiers can turn your home into a smoggy day in LA. Nice.

Seems like IBM may finally be getting a clue about AMD. Here's hoping.

The Office has been awesome this season and Pam and Jim are a large part of the reason why and the finale did not disappoint. Squee indeed. Of the comments I read, here is the one I like the best. "This makes up for every other crappy season finale I suffered through this year (cough Gilmore Girls cough grumble grumble)." So true.