Thursday, September 08, 2005

official info on Algiers

Algiers exempt from mandatory N.O. evacuation

Algiers residents who rode out Hurricane Katrina in their homes will be allowed to stay, despite Mayor Ray Nagin's order that New Orleans' remaining residents evacuate the city, Councilwoman Jacqueline Brechtel Clarkson said Thursday.

Nagin's directive came Wednesday as safety issues, including the threat of fire and disease, loomed over the city's remaining residents.

Clarkson said a few thousand of Algiers' estimated 60,000 residents remained in the West Bank community, which suffered downed trees and power lines in the storm. She said she hopes residents will be able to return home in two weeks.

The city's governmental operations could also move to Algiers, a timetable that has not yet been set, Clarkson said.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Dickey family update

Ailie - She and Bill are driving across Tennessee, then heading to Covington to stay with Bill's brother. Keri is going to Dallas to stay with Veronica (her half-sister by birth).

Chuck - He and Nadine are staying in Baton Rouge with Nadine's cousin. He is hoping to go to Algiers and Wednesday to get his car and stuff from the house.

Lizette - She and Keith madea a trip to Slidell to help his parents clean up. They are still staying at Kathy Chapman's in Baton Rouge this evening.

Stephen - The family is in Houston staying at Eric Maier's. Vera is looking for an apartment nearby. The kids are enrolled in school. Stephen is headed to Baton Rouge today and will be in the area till Friday. He also is trying to get to his house but isn't sure he can get there.

Algiers - Tom Arnold reports that Algiers is safe to return to. Both the police and fire department had moved their citywide HQ to Algiers. He also stopped by Chuck's house and it looks OK.

Waveland - Susan got in touch with Ailie and confirmed what we pretty much already knew. The house, and indeed everthing on the coast, is gone.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Gretchen Bullock

Gretchen somehow was able to find my number and call. She is in Lake Charles and safe. She says so is the rest of the family. She was overjoyed to hear that everyone was OK. Call me if you would like the number where she can be reached.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Waveland satellite image

If you can get your bearings from an aerial view picture, that is a picture of Waveland that shows the house. Here is the link.

And here you can find other pictures of the same type.

family update

Ailie, Bill, and Keri: The latest update is they are planning on staying in Gatlinburg until Monday, then they are heading to Houston to stay at Chuck and Gigner's place.

Stephen, Vera, and the kids: As reported here earlier, Stephen is now in Houston with his family. The latest news is they are looking at enrolling the kids in Houston.

Lizette and Keith: Beth reports that they are heading from Bogulusa to Baton Rouge.

Beth: According to Chad, she is in Dallas with Steven and his family at a hotel.

Chuck and Nadine: They are still in Batavia, with possible trips planned to Iowa City, Alexandria, and Houston.

As with previous posts, please add comments to update this information.