Saturday, June 21, 2008

One of those mornings

You ever have one of those mornings where things just don't seem to go your way?

First off, I must have missed my alarm so I overslept a bit, which prevented a few errands. OK, I guess that's not all that uncommon. But then, as I'm sipping my coffee, I get a call from Melissa ... from the driveway. It seems the lovely realtor next door has parked her car in the driveway and then I guess went out to lunch? Who knows? I was thankful able to prevent Melissa from keying her car, but that did mean I had to drive her out to Metairie for a wedding shower. So that's an hour of my day gone. When I get back, her car has been moved slightly over, likely in no small part to my unpleasant note, but, there's a new SUV in the driveway. I suppose when you house hunt you lose the part of your brain that considers what other people do with their cars.

Back home, I decided to see what errands I my list I can still get done. The post place near the house closes at 2, so I have time to go mail a package. Hi Erin! Of course, at this point, it starts raining. Oh afternoon thunderstorms, how I love/hate thee. I'm determined at this point to get something done today, so I grab an umbrella and the package and start walking. Now, it's just two blocks away, and normally if it's a light rain, I'll just walk no umbrella, but I had the package to protect. I get about halfway there when a large SUV decides to get a little too close to the sidewalk and wham, I'm hit with a sheet of water. I actually stop for a moment like, "Really? That just happened?" Quickly searching around for camera crews and finding none, I realize, it's just that kinda day. Thankfully the package escaped unscathed.

At this point I'm going to log into Warcraft and beat the crap out of something with a sword since I think that's at least slightly healthier than letting the air out of the realtor's tires or throwing rocks at water splashing SUVs.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Seersucker and Country Clubs

Pre-weekend news: Wayne accepted a job at Dominican and will be heading back to New Orleans in late July. Woot. Also, the Gray's have a blog. Check it out.

Melissa's had a girls night out Friday to see the Sex and the City movie, so I stayed at home and just did whatever. I did a few chores around the house since I had been slacking during the week and of course got a little WoW in. When she got home we watched the first hour of the Lost finale. Regarding the movie, from what she told me of the plot, it sounded pretty much as expected, but I'm not sure I like what they did with Samantha.

On Saturday, once I got up, we knocked out the last hour of the Lost finale. Stuff happened! :) I mean I still have a crapload of questions, but it's always nice when the story moves forward on that show. In the late afternoon Melissa when to Country Day's graduation and my favorite comment of hers from after was "I've never seen so much seersucker." Heh. We grabbed a late dinner at Figaro's on Maple, a place Tony and Amee had mentioned to us a bunch of times and that had just reopened. I think we may be adding it to our list of regular places. After dinner we met up with Chris, Jay, and Joan at Knucklehead's. It's a smokeless bar in Metairie where her parents hang out and that was having a grand opening party. Always nice to spend some time with the fam.

June 1st is my father's birthday and my father really likes him so golf, so we met up at Timberlane Sunday afternoon and played nine holes. It really doesn't get much better than that. Well, stopping at a Mal's after 6 holes was a nice touch. After golf, Melissa and I headed out to deep Kenner for the Barattini girls dance review. It was Isabel's first year, and there is nothing cuter than 4 year olds dancing on stage. She did an amazing job for her first year. And of course it's always entertaining to go to a dance review with Melissa since she always has so many comments. I guess dancing for 28 years will do that to you.

Oh, one thing I forgot. It turns out Country Day doesn't have a prom. They just have an after graduation dance and they aren't allowed to bring dates. Seems kinda crappy to me.