Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Janus 2006

I promised pictures and I promised a recap and then it just didn't happen. For me, when I know there is something I should blog about that will be more than a few sentences, I delay posting, and then stuff just builds up. Does anyone else have that problem?

Our Janus weekend began Friday afternoon at the airport. It was a bit of a rough start. The lines were long, the plane was delayed, and once in the air, there was a good bit of turbulence. But we, and our luggage, arrived OK and after visiting with both sets of parents, we were able to get to bed at a reasonable hour. We got up Saturday morning for breakfast with the LeSaicherres at Peppermill. Probably not the brightest idea to wake up early the day of the ball, but it was nice to do a normal thing on a crazy weekend. After breakfast, I met up with Taylor and Jeff and we hit up Kmart for some much needed skit supplies. Thank God Kmart stocks water toys in February.

The day really got going at noon at the Bourbon House. The King's Lunch was well attended despite the reduced membership. The food was good, the drinks were strong, and the price was right. I'd also like to say its a lot more fun with people I know there, so thanks again to Taylor and Jerry for being members. After lunch, things kinda got crazy, as there were many things to do back at the hotel. I had more responsibilities this year so I had more to do and pretty much just stressed out a whole lot more. I need to learn to do what I need to do and still have a good time.

The ball itself went pretty well. Everyone came out when they were supposed to. The audience laughed when they were supposed to. The Captain handled the surprises well. The escort who fainted on stage recovered quickly. The only two things that just didn't go like they should have were the lighting and the band. We need to work on that.

The breakfast was awesome. It always is. I figure one year it will be a let down but it hasn't happened yet. Everybody danced. Everyone who wasn't pregnant drank. We all had a good time. Drunk Jeff was funny. Chris did a back flip. Erin kept on dancing even after falling and getting elbowed in the face. We actually took a professional group picture. I ate the breakfast and drank the coffee and it wasn't half bad. I danced the crazy line dances and could still walk afterward. Good times. Good times.

Sunday I spend the day being sick. Actually fever sick not drinking sick. I'm guessing the stress and flying did me in. Whatever, I had a good time the night before that's all that matters. I do remember eating Canes so there were some good parts. The trip back Monday was uneventful. I was just glad my ear popped.

I promised pictures so here mine are. You can also find Jerry's in imagestation under centanni. And here is the professional photo web page. Enjoy, and come next year!

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Can I go back to bed?

Today has not been a great day so far and I've been up for only two hours. It started when I tried to make coffee this morning only to come back later and find I hadn't added the grounds. Water wasn't a great color either. As I eased into the day I also realized I hadn't shaken whatever sickness I've had since Saturday. While waiting for the coffee to brew for real this time, I started to look over the Accord contract and realized I may have been duped in finance for an extra $249. Yeah. And all the while I am realizing the Honda iPod Music Link is a piece of crap. Let's hope the day gets better from here.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Greek or Roman?

There's a lot going on this week. First of all, I'm trying to finalize the negotiationas on the Accord. It's down to a dealer in town who is trying to trade for the car, or a dealer in Houston who has the car coming in some time next week. I'd rather get it from the dealer here even though it's about $200 more, but at this point, I just want the car. And when I'm not worried about all the car stuff, I'm stressing over Ball stuff. Got to make sure everything is packed, and the tux fits, and we make the plane, and I have the stuff for the skits. There's a lot in my head right now, but it's worth it for Saturday night. I'll try to have some pics up as soon as I can.

All Hail Janus!

Anyway, I leave you with this long Buffy quote.

BUFFY: My mom... said some things to me about being the Slayer. That it's fruitless. No fruit for Buffy.

ANGEL: She's wrong.

BUFFY: Is she? Is Sunnydale any better than when I first came here? Okay, so I battle evil. But I don't really win. The bad keeps coming back and getting stronger. Like that kid in the story, the boy that stuck his finger in the duck.

ANGEL: Dike. It's another word for dam.

BUFFY: Oh. Okay, that story makes a lot more sense now.

ANGEL: Buffy, you know, I'm still figuring things out. There's a lot I don't understand. But I do know it's important to keep fighting. I learned that from you.

BUFFY: But we never...

ANGEL: We never win.

BUFFY: Not completely.

ANGEL: We never will. That's not why we fight. We do it 'cause there's things worth fighting for.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Brokeback Golf

Not much to say but it's been a while so I figured a weekend update would be in order. Friday we had dinner at the Frisco with Jerry and the Riches. It reminded me of an old hole in the wall New Orleans place. I never knew a Chop't Steak could taste so good. After dinner, we went over to the condo to get a first hand look at the damage. It wasn't as bad as I expected, but it's still a damn shame. Saturday the guys headed down South to play Kizer. I had a pretty good day shooting a 96, Taylor not so much, while Jerry had the round of his life shooting a 98. Go Jerry. Saturday night Melissa and I went to see Capote. More on that later after we watch Crash and Munich. Sunday was spent cleaning for the Super Bowl party then hosting the Super Bowl party. I was for the Steelers, sorry Andy, not sure why really, I think I just like Big Ben. The game was underwhelming, as were the commercials, but the company was fantastic so I had a good time, plus we ate Popeye's. Yum!