Thursday, March 22, 2012

Oh never, oh never, oh never again

This past Saturday, I had what I will only describe as an "interesting" evening. If you weren't there and want more details, you'll have to find someone else to ask. For the purpose of this post, what you need to know is, I wound up in not the best of states due to no one's fault but my own (with a nice assist from circumstances). What has lingered for me since then, is not the sequence of events that lead up to what happened, though certainly there are lessons to be learned there, but more what happened after.

The guys I was riding on the float with took it upon themselves to make sure I was OK. Some of them literally carried me on their back. Then they did what needed to be done to make sure I would get better. Now, I'm sure some of them weren't thrilled about it. I have no doubt there was much grumbling. And you can be sure they'll make sure I don't forget anything about that day. But still, they were there for me. It's important to note here that theses guys aren't what I would call my best friends. Some are closer than others, and some are more so acquaintances, but on average we're talking right at the edge of "ask them to help me move furniture" level of friendship.

I now find myself in the unexpected position of both being indebted to someone (someones in this case) and also feeling a part of a large group. I wouldn't say I've been "Godfather" scared of owing people a favor, but I've certainly tried to avoid it when I can. "Atlas Shrugged" probably had more of an effect on me in that way than I care to admit. So it's certainly new for me, especially outside the realm of really close friends and family. The other new thing for me is the "belonging" feeling I take away from all of this. I'm not a rebel by any means, but I've often felt like an outsider in most things. With this group I've felt like that often. But after this, I'm not sure I can really feel that way anymore.

Well anyway, that's what's been on my mind the last few days. Sure it's a little navel-gaze-y, but, hey, it's my blog.

Other things of note: loving Castle and Psych proving that police shows with a dash/dump-truck of silly are for me, can't get enough of pop-culture references on TV shows regardless of format, when did lightbulbs get so complicated to buy?, why is booking travel to Rochester MN for work nearly impossible?


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