Sunday, July 23, 2006


Yes, it's true. I've been playing a lot of World of Warcraft. But really I can't use that as my excuse for not posting. A look back at the history of this blog shows many gaps, so really, it's just because I'm lazy.

WoW. Taylor and I play pretty much every night for a few hours. So far it's been very enjoyable. People complain about having to pay a monthly fee to play, but I think I'm getting my fifteen bucks worth. Wednesday night we've been playing with Richard and Jerry and it's been very cool to spend man night time with Richard again. It took a while, but virtual man night appears to finally be here. It's also been interesting to watch the human drama unfold since this is a game you play with other human beings and certain things require cooperation with those other people. Maybe I'll post some screen shots once I figure out how to do that.

The rest of my time during the week has been spent at work, and using Netflix. Work is busy since we are trying to finish the project we are working on. It's pretty exciting that we are almost finished and I can't wait till I can link to a news article about what we have done. Should be soon. Netflix has been working well for us. We finished the first season of Arrested Development and are one disc into the second season of Scrubs. You've really never watched a comedy until you've watched one with someone who falls off the couch laughing. We watched Bridget Jones' Diary to finish of the British movie list so we then moved to France starting with Phantom of the Opera. Les Mis is next followed by Amelie.

We saw the new Pirates with a group at the Pflug last weekend. It was OK, not great. Nothing compared to the original. The plot wasn't as tight and the jokes seemed to just rehash jokes from the first movie. Here's hoping the third one is better.

I watched most of the 3rd round and all of the 4th round of the Open Championship. The 3rd round was not at all what I expected. The leaders just couldn't get anything going and it took Garcia and Furyk to make things interesting. Then Sunday Garcia falls apart and its a battle between Woods and DiMarco. Els seemed to hang in there but never make a push. It was fun to see Woods rise to the challenge and beat off DiMarco. When he's good, he's really good, and enjoyable to watch.

Looking foward to: work slowing down, more Netflix, Port Aransas, Europe!

Monday, July 10, 2006

You Will. You? Will. You? Will. You? Will.

Since Chad has fallen into the World of Warcraft, I figured I needed to step up to the plate and update this blog. It has been like six weeks, dude. Let’s see if I can paint a small picture of the happenings of the CED IV’s.

We attended Chad’s (and Jerry’s) 10 year high school reunion the first weekend of June. I think I was more excited about this then Chad. I can’t believe Chad and I have been a couple for 10 years. Wow, still crazy to believe. Of course, much drinking was had by all. Our dear friend Tony Barattini decided to give me a nametag that read “Mrs. Centanni” to wear throughout the evening. I wonder if that confused a few people. I hope it did. Chad, Jerry and I did get to see a few faces from the past, which was nice. The same question which got asked was “When are you having kids?” Never, ok, does that answer your question! :) I ran into someone I went to high school with who now has two kids, 3 years and 15 months. YIKES!! Good for you honey! My 10 year reunion will be in October. I can hopefully make it.

Our dear friends, Wayne and Jennifer Rupp came to Austin and visited with us and Jerry the weekend after the reunion. Wayne brought Chad over to the dark side and gave him a free trial run of WoW. So it has begun. They also brought along their two boys, Collin and Andrew. It was great to see them. Jenn is an old friend from high school who now lives in Florida with her family. She married one of Jerry’s oldest friends. It is crazy how intertwined Jerry and my lives are. He is the second brother I never had. The two boys loved Chad, so know he feels better about having a son. Really Chad, you will be fine.

On Father’s Day weekend, we drove to Houston to visit the CED III’s (Chad’s parents). On Saturday, we got a room at the Galleria in downtown Houston and spent the night. This meant I shopped in places I don’t usually shop. One day, Chanel, one day! We had a lovely Father’s Day brunch down in the Rice university district with the parents and talked about the plans for the new Waveland house. They are coming along nicely, I have to say. We got back to Austin in enough time to see Phil Mickelson totally mess up the Open. Yeah, what an ending.

The Alamo Drafthouse Downtown has had a couple of sing-a-long shows that we have attended. The first one was the Boy Band Sing-a-along. You heard me right, boy bands, from New Edition to N’Sync and my favs, New Kids on the Block. Oh Joey McIntyre, how he made me swoon. The theater showed a whole bunch of videos with the Sinus guys doing commentary. I haven’t danced that hard in a long time. When the “Please don’t go girl” video came on screen, I screamed. You don’t understand, I SCREAMED! I am sure I embarrassed the hell out of my husband. I left the theater having had a workout and a headache. The entire show reminded me of a different time. Mainly, my time in New Orleans, post Loyola before Austin and before Chad and I married. It reminded me that this August will be my fifth year anniversary in Austin. The night before I moved here, I went to see N’Sync at the Superdome. Yeah, it is hard for me to believe as well. I am still completely boy crazy, just my guys write better songs! I think that was just as much fun as my wedding! :)

Two days later was Sir Paul McCartney’s 64th birthday and the Alamo celebrated in style. A Beatles sing-a-long. Now, I love the Beatles, so we had to go to this. They are the original boy band. I sometimes think I was born at the wrong time because I totally could have been one of the girls crying in the crowd screaming “Paul!!”. I was raised driving around with my dad singing “I Want to Hold Your Hand.” They are probably the main reason I love any music coming from the UK. They passed out props before hand, which I picked up a tambourine and Chad a harmonica. In two hours they played about 30 songs, anything with a video. It was fantastic and ending with a standing ovation to Hey Jude, which I think may be my favorite Beatles tune. Still thinking about that one.

The 4th of July weekend was spent in New Orleans/Waveland. Saturday the entire Dickey Clan, Jerry, and the Barattini’s were in Waveland, in front of the trailer, under a tarp. The sun stayed in the clouds so it was a great day on the beach. No swimming yet, too much debris in the water. Most of the land is cleared off and people are starting to rebuild, which is a promising sign. Bay St. Louis had their Crabfest and it seemed well attended. That was also another promising sign. Hopefully next summer, the Dickey’s will have a new DiCASEL for the summer. Jerry made some damn good burgers by the way. Melissa and Andy are home for the summer, so it was good to spend some time with them. They should be taking a trip to the ATX in a few weeks before heading back to the north.

As mentioned earlier, Chad is now a full-fledged World of Warcraft junkie, and I think his friends are as well. This is probably the main reason for him not posting. Hopefully this will light a fire under his butt! We have returned to our summer Netlix sessions and they have been pretty good. We are finishing up the first season of Arrested Development and will start the second season of Scrubs. We have watched Notting Hill, Sliding Doors, Team America, and Black Hawk Down. Bridget Jones’ Diary should be sometime this week.

We have also made it to the movies a few times. We have seen Nacho Libre and Superman Returns. Pirates of the Carribbean should be sometime this week. I also saw the Break-Up during my time in New Orleans. I personally can’t wait for Talledega Nights! The World Cup was also interesting. It was a shame Chad and I weren’t in Europe this June because we could have experienced it first hand!

That is pretty much it. I have taken in a few concerts in that time, Snow Patrol, Arctic Monkeys, We Are Scientists and an in-store by Pete Yorn. All were wonderful. I am looking forward to seeing Bloc Party in August. Work is slow, but school is out so that is to be expected. The countdown to Europe has begun!