Thursday, February 09, 2012

I see babies

Grace turns two Sunday. Two. Weird. And we're starting to talk about having another one. Crazy.

It's interesting to think about what's she'll grow up with. By my father's own admission, she already knows how to use an iPad better than he does. And we're in the position of having to figure out how much tech time is too much. Also, all those studies saying screen time is bad for kids? I get it, I do, but compared to what? Active play with an adult? Cause most of the time Grace is using an iDevice it's due to us cooking dinner or cleaning up cat urine or countless other things around the house. I want a study that compares that.

Didn't get to blog posting last week mostly due to traveling to outside DC for work. Pretty short trip so no complaints really. Even got to spend an evening in downtown Baltimore with some friends. Had dinner in this hole in the wall place near the water, walked along the water a bit, then found a pub nearby. Felt like a mix of Old Boston and the French Quarter. Turns out, Baltimore is a much more interesting town than I would have thought. Who knew? Wonder how I'll feel about it after I've watching the Wire.

I know, I still haven't watched the Wire. I'm also only somewhere in season two of Mad Men.

Update on TV: Enjoyed the finale of Chuck. Glad we stuck with it. I cared about those characters so it was nice to see the end. Parenthood continues to be the only show where Melissa and I will pause it to talk about real life issues. "What are we willing to spend on Grace's college?" "What did your parents tell you about paying for college?" Castle's film noir inspired episode was just fantastic. So much fun.

Started re-reading From Dawn to Decadence. Why I picked now with so many new books/games from Christmas/birthday I have no idea. Enjoying it though. Since I last read it in 2000 my world view has been altered a good bit and certain parts jump out to me more now than they did then. So far the parts on Montaigne and Pascal have been especially enlightening. I'll have to mark some quotes to share for later. Might jump into the Hunger Games next since I have a feeling Amee is going to want to see that in March when it comes out.